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Public Transportation


You can travel in and between Iran cities fairly easily, with low cost and in different ways; by airplane, Train, metro, Buses and taxis.



Iran has a well-developed bus transportation system. The bus system is almost always available and it is very cheap and this system is very extensive and you can use the bus to travel to almost all cities and also inside the cities.



Even though the subway is crowded at traffic rush hours, but it is wise to use because that is fast, clean and cheap! You can use the bus electronic tickets for the subway or you can get one-way trip or two-way trip paper tickets at any time in the subway stations. At the time being the metro is working in Tehran and just one line started working in the cities of Mashhad, Shiraz and Isfahan.



Taxi system covers almost the entire cities. You can go to the taxi stops and share the taxi with other passengers or hire a taxi (pay more) just for you to get to your destination.

Intercity traveling by taxi is also possible but they do not move until they become full, however you can pay more for other seats money to move without waiting. They mainly stop in bus stations and train stations or major city squares.

We are ready to help you use public transport such as buses or subways for a responsible travel. Do you want to travel inside the cities or between them by public transport but don’t know how !


Tehran subway timetables

Tehran subway map


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Iran car rental service


HospitableIran offers professional services in car rental and is ready to rent the cars with or without a driver.

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Car rental without the driver

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Car rental without the driver


cars without driver is possible for all clients aged above 18 and owning a valid driving license who could present all guarantee documents. For those without driver license, an owner of valid driver license should be introduced who should be present for signing contract.

  • recent model cars are presented to clients, not much worked, with full insurance
  • client should keep good use of the car
  • presented cars are allowed to move 250 KM daily and any KM more than allowed is calculated separately as listed in price list
  • any offends to Iran driving rules is on clients responsibility


Car rental with the driver

You need to add the drivers wage and for his food and the accommodation.


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Iran flight ticket 


HospitableIran is here to book your domestic and international flight tickets.

To know more about timetables you can use the airline section and check the airlines timetables.


 Possible ticket booking for the following cities in Iran:

Airlines to Tehran Airlines to Ardabil Airlines to Sabzevar
Airlines to Mashad Airlines to Abadan Airlines to Lamerd
Airlines to Imam Khomeini Airlines to Gorgan Airlines to Bam
Airlines to Shiraz Airlines to Chah-Bahar Airlines to Shahre-Kord
Airlines to Ahwaz Airlines to Asaloyeh Airlines to Ilaam
Airlines to Bandar Abbas Airlines to Gheshm Airlines to Yasouj
Airlines to Isfahan Airlines to Bandar Mahshahr Airlines to Ramsar
Airlines to Kish Island Airlines to Sary Airlines to Khoy
Airlines to Tabriz Airlines to Birjand Airlines to Parsabad
Airlines to Kerman Airlines to Sanandaj Airlines to Dezful
Airlines to Kermanshah Airlines to Abu Musa Airlines to Sahand
Airlines to Zahedan Airlines to Lar Airlines to Hamadan
Airlines to Yazd Airlines to Khorramabad Airlines to Zabol
Airlines to Urmieh Airlines to Now Shahr Airlines to Sirjan
Airlines to Bushehr Airlines to Bojnord Airlines to Jahrom
Airlines to Rasht Airlines to Bandar Lengeh


Airlines flying from/to Iran:

Iranian airlines

IranAir flights Mahan Air flights Kish Air flights Iran Aseman Airlines flights

Other airlines

Gulf Air flights China Southern flights Air Arabia flights
Jazeera Airways flights Austrian Airlines flights Ariana Afghan flights
Turkish Airlines flights Alitalia flights Iraqi Airways flights
Emirates flights Etihad Airways flights Saudi Arabian Airlines flights
Lufthansa flights Virgin Atlantic flights Shaheen Air flights
British Airways flights SAS flights Conviasa flights flights Syrian Air flights Kibris Turk Hava Yollari flights
Qatar Airways flights Aerocondor flights UM Air flights
bmi flights Kuwait Airways flights Kam Air flights
Aeroflot flights AZAL flights Tajikistan Airlines flights


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Train ticket


International Trains:


Tehran to Istanbul train

This train leaves Tehran to Istanbul in the evening on Thursday and arrives in Haydarpasa (the Asian part of Istanbul) on Sunday after about 70 hours. The return from Istanbul is on Wednesday and the train arrives in Tehran on Saturday. After passing Zanjan, Tabriz, and Salmas stations (getting on and off are taken place only in Zanjan, Tabriz and Salmas) it enters to the border. In Tabriz station, customs formalities, and in Salmas station, final control and passport sealing are performed. Then, along the route, after passing the border station of Razi, the train stops in the border station of Kapikoy in Turkey for checking visas by the officers of this country. Next stations are Van and Van jetty stations. In Van jetty passengers get on the ship and after five hours of traveling by ship they reach Tatvan jetty and continue their traveling to Turkey by the first class train of one compartment (bedded). The train arrives Haydarpasa in Istanbul after passing Elazig, Malatya, Sivas, Kayseri, Ankara, and Eskisehir stations.

Ream more about Tehran to Istanbul train in here.


Tabriz to Vaan train

Along the development of rail-based transportation, Raja Passenger Train Company established Tabriz-Vaan train with the cooperation of Turkey Railway.
This train departs to the city of Vaan on Wednesday evening and arrives in the said city on Saturday morning.
This train returns from the city of Vaan the on Thursday evening and arrives in Tabriz Friday morning. The price of the second class Tabriz-Vaan is Rls.124,050 and its half price is Rls.82,500 and its price changes based on currency change.


Tehran to Damascus Train

Tehran-Damascus passenger train departs Tehran to Damascus in the evening on Monday, passing through Iran, Turkey and Syria; the train arrives in Damascus on Thursday after 60 hours of traveling. The return from Damascus is on Monday. After passing Zanjan, Tabriz, and Salmas stations (getting on and off are taken place only in Zanjan, Tabriz and Salmas) it enters to the border. In Tabriz station, customs formalities, and in Salmas station, final control and passport sealing are performed. Then, along the route, after passing the border station of Razi, the train stops in the border station of Kapikoy in Turkey for checking visas by the officers of this country. Next stations are Van and Van jetty stations. In Van jetty passengers get on the ship and after five hours of traveling by ship they reach Tatvan jetty and continue their traveling to Damascus by Syrian train which consists of two kinds of wagon (First class- Bus train and First class – compartment – 2 bed).

This route is common with Tehran-Istanbul route till Malatya station. After passing Fevzipasa Station, the train stops at the border station of Islahiye for sealing the exit from Turkey and departing toward Damascus after checking passports in the border station of Meydan Ikbis of Syria. In this station, customs formalities and passport controls are performed to enter Syria. The railway distance between Tehran and Damascus is 2346 Kilometers.


Zahedan to Kuwaiteh Train

– The departure of the train from Kuwaiteh to Zahedan is at 8:30 o’clock on the first and fifteenth days of every Christian year and its departure from Zahedan to Kuwaiteh is at 8:00 o’clock in the morning on the third and seventeenth days of every Christian year.
– The date of arrival of the train to Zahedan is at 13.35 o’clock on the second and sixteenth days of every Christian year and its arrival to Kuwaiteh is at 15.15 o’clock on the fourth and eighteenth days of every Christian year.
– The organization of the train consists of two 1st-class sleeping wagons and two bus 2nd-class wagons.
– The carriage of 30 km of luggage in maximum will be free of charge and the fright charge of luggage of more than 30 km shall be 50 Rials a kilo.
– The price of the 2nd-class ticket from Zahedan to the border amounts to Rls.1200 which shall be received in Iranian Rials and from the border to Kuwaiteh amounts to 535 Rupees. The price of ticket is the same for departing and returning. The price of the first class sleeping ticket from Zahedan to the border amounts to Rls.1700 and from the border to Kuwaiteh amounts to 1150 Rupees. The reimbursement of the ticket is performed at the station in which it has been bought.
– The ticket is sold in the route of departure in Zahedan station in Iran and in the route of returning in Mirjaveh station. The ticket of departure route from Pakistan is obtainable in Taftan station and in Kuwaiteh station when returning.
– The passenger may not purchase ticket from one center for both departing and returning.
– It is not possible to provide ticket the day before departure and the ticket is issued day-sale basis.
– The stations where the train stops includes Mirjaveh in Iran and Taftan, Nokandi, Dalbandin and Ahmadal in Pakistan.

Sarakhs to Central Asia and Russia

In recent years the railways have undergone significant extensions including the 1977 linking to the western railway system at the TurkishBandar Abbas line providing better access to the sea, and the 1996 opening of the Mashad–Sarakhs border, the 1993 opening of the extension as part of the Silk Road railway to link to the landlocked Central Asian Countries. Former states of the Soviet Union have railways using a 1,520 mm (4 ft 1156 in) wider gauge, thus the Iranian Railways maintain break-of-gauge services at borders to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and beyond brief wide-track rail segments to the border crossing.


Domestic train


The railway network converges on Tehran and connects all major parts of the country. The Iranian cities of Isfahan and Shiraz were linked to Tehran in 2009. Further extension of this line to Bushehr and Bandar Abbas is planned.

Importantly, Iran lies at the crossroads of East-West and North-South transportation corridors that are active or potentially active. The western railway extension links to Turkey at the Razi–Kapikoi border. A northern connection to Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, and Russia has a bogie-changing station at the border at Jolfa. The southern routes connect Tehran to the Persian Gulf ports of Bandar Imam and Bandar Abbas. A line to the Caspian Sea ends at the terminal of Amir Abad and at Bandar Torkaman, and is part of a North-South corridor to Russia and Scandinavia. The north-east corridor connects Mashad and continues further to the bogie-changing station at Sarakh. For the landlocked countries of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, this line provides access to the sea. A recent connection from Mashad to Bafqh has significantly shortened access to the port city of Bandar Abbas.


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Iran ferry ticket 


Ferry ticket booking
• Bandar Abbas -Sharjeh
• Khoramshahr – Kuwait
• Bandar Lengeh – Sharjeh
• Boushehr to Qatar
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ferry ticket booking
HospitableIran will assist you in getting ferry tickets from/to Iran form/to Persian Gulf countries. Valfajr shipping company will handle the shipping service for you.

Maritime Services of the Company at Foreign Routes of Khoramshahr to Kuwait, Bushehr to Kuwait / Bahrain and Bandar Lengeh to Dubai, Bandar Abbass to Dubai / Sharjeh and Vice Versa are in operation and will be Continued.

Same Daily Services are Rendered between Bushehr and Khark Island , also during the Nowrouz (new year) Holiday there will be Car and Passenger Transportation Services between Bandar Lengeh and Kish Island as well as Bandar Abbass and Qeshm Island.

If the interest exists, The Company with Modern Ro-Ro vessels could Carry the Passenger’s Car to Various Destinations of above Mentioned Countries.


Vessels timetables

Bandar Abbas -Sharjeh: Each Week  Monday  and  Wednesday

Khoramshahr – Kuwait: Each Week Saturday, Monday and Wednesday

Bandar Lengeh – Sharjeh: Each Week Saturday, Monday and Wednesday

Boushehr to Qatar: call to check!


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