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While traveling to Iran can be one of the best feelings that you may experience in life, there are always some little worries that can threaten your perfect holiday. Things like jet lagging, language barriers, or more serious incidence like last-minute trip cancellation, losing your luggage with all your valuable things in it or maybe having a car accident. If none of these occurs etc. there are ways that can help while you are traveling to Iran for travelers visiting Iran, you can enjoy your travel to Persia more than ever with total peace of mind and avoid certain financial risks.

The travel insurance price for Iran depends on number of days and different ages and duration of travel.


Iran Travel Insurance Coverage:

  1. Refund of Treatment Expenses; Poisoning, Medical and Surgical
  2. Repatriation to home country in case of hospitalization or death
  3. Legal Support and Assistance
  4. Assistance in Loss of Document, Luggage


One of The Iranian Tourist Insurance companies which provide travelers with suitable insurance is Saman Insurance Company.


Benefits of buying Travel Insurance from Iran


Medical and Health Insurance

  1. The costs of receipting, admittance and hospitalization (Up to 10,000 Euro)
  2. Transfer to the closest Health Care Centers in case of an accident or disease. Providing the patient with emergency ground ambulance and air medical services. (Up to 5,500 Euro)
  3. Dentistry emergency remedy costs (Up to 200 Euro)
  4. Repatriation and Returning of corpse (In case of death of insured person during the travel) (Without limit)
  5. Travel cost for a person, next of kin, to accompany the insured person, in case of hospitalization more than 10 days (Without limit)
  6. Returning cost for the insured person, in case of severe health problem or death, if the passenger is not able to use his/her own departure flight (Without limit)

Legal and judiciary guidance

  1. Legal Assistance and Consultancy (Up to 250 Euro)
  2. Guidance and helping with loss of documents and ID cards (Up to 200 Euro)

Loss of Baggage

  1. The loss of baggage/suitcase (Up to 150 Euro)

Other Supports

  1. Repatriation of insured person’s children, who are under 15 years old to the homeland, in case of death or hospitalization of insured person (Without limit)


International Travel Insurance Companies

You can purchase the best travel insurance with easy process of making a claim and including best coverage from International Travel insurance companies as:

  1. Seven Corners Travel Insurance
  2. Allianz Travel Insurance
  3. Iati Travel Insurance
  4. QBE Travel Insurance

These Travel insurance companies have trip insurance coverage which fulfils the expectations of Iran tourists such as medical assistance and cancellation insurance. The main coverage of trip insurances provided by these companies are:

  1. Travel: Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Single Occupancy Supplement Trip Cost, Trip Delay, Missed Connection, cancellation penalties
  2. Accident & Health: Emergency Accident, Emergency Sickness Medical, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Coma, Felonious Assault
  3. Emergency Travel: Emergency Medical Evacuation and Medically Necessary Repatriation, Bedside Traveling Companion, Return Insured Home, Return Minor Child(ren), Transportation of Spouse or Domestic Partner, Return of Mortal Remains, Political Evacuation
  4. Property Coverages: Baggage Delay (Outward Journey Only), Baggage Delivery, Baggage / Personal Effects, Sports Equipment Rental Coverage, Personal Liability



  • The travel insurance policy will start on the date of official entry into Iran, and its maximum validity is 92 consecutive days.
  • In case of medical emergency and the need for any covered services, the insured or one of his/her companies shall call or send an email to the “Assistance Provider” and declare the following information:
    • Insured’s name, policy number (indicated above), telephone number and contact details
    • Brief description of the problem encountered, and the kind of assistance required.
    • If the insured is not able to contact or get services from the a Assistance Provider, he/she should collect all relevant documents and present them to the head office of Saman Insurance Company in Tehran, Iran.






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