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Cradle of  Civilization Tour-22days




Departure: Upon Request

Best Time: All Year Around

Highlights: Tehran-Bandare Anzali-Masouleh-Ardebil-Sarein-Tabriz-Takhtesoleiman-Sanandaj–Kermanshah–Hamedan-Khoramabad-Shush-Ahwaz–Shiraz–Kerman–Zeinoddin-Yazd–Isfahan-Kashan



Detailed itinerary

Tehran-Bandare Anzali-Masouleh-Ardebil-Sarein-Tabriz-Takhtesoleiman-Sanandaj–Kermanshah–Hamedan-Khoramabad-Shush-Ahwaz–Shiraz–Kerman–Zeinoddin-Yazd–Isfahan-Kashan–Tehran


Day 1: Arriving Tehran, visiting Tehran

Arrive in Tehran airport, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Visit the Archaeological Museum, National Jewels Museum and world heritage Golestan palace and traditional bazaar. Overnight Tehran


Day 2: Tehran

A morning visit to Carpet Museum, Sa’ad Abad Complex with 18 magnificent historical palaces (2 of which we will visit) and tajrish traditional bazaar. Overnight Tehran


Day 3 :  Bandare Anzali-Masuleh

Drive to Bandare Anzali beautiful lagoon near caspean sea to see flora and fauna there and then head to stepped green village of Masuleh. Overnight Masuleh


Day 4 : Ardebil-Sarein

Drive to Sarein to Relax and enjoy the natural spas and on the way you can visit the Complex of Sheikh Safi- eddin Ardebili a world heritage site. Overnight Sarein


Day 5 : Tabriz

Drive to Tabriz and visit Azerbyejan museum and traditional the old world heritage bazaar of Tabriz. Overnight Tabriz


Day 6 :  Tabriz- Jolfa

In the morning drive to the border city of Jolfa where Aras river is located and visit world heritage Saint Stepanos and Choupan churches and then eat lunch in Jolfa. Overnight Tabriz


Day 7 : Sanandaj

Drive to Sanandaj on the way visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Takht-e Soleyman, “The Throne of Solomon”, Sitting in a high mountain ringed by 1500-year-old fortress walls which is a holy spiritual center of Zoroastrianism and the former Sassanid Empire. Overnight Sanandaj


Day 8: Kermanshah

Drive to Kermanshah to visit Sassanian bas-reliefs at Taq-e Bostan a towering cliff inscribed with some extraordinary Sassanian bas-reliefs (Coronation of Khosrow II, Kings Shapour II and Shapour III and King Ardashir II trampling on the defeated Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate), Mo’aveolmolk Takiye with its amazing tile work and traditional bazaar. Overnight Kermanshah


Day 9 :  Hamedan

Drive to Hamedan while visiting Anahita water temple in Kangavar, the UNESCO world heritage site of Bisotun with reliefs and inscriptions of Darius the great and remains of pre-historic period, and in Kermanshah visit Sassanian bas-reliefs at Taq-e Bostan a cliff inscribed with some extraordinary Sassanian bas-reliefs (Coronation of Khosrow II, Kings Shapour II and Shapour III and King Ardashir II trampling on the defeated Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate). Overnight Hamadan


Day 10 :  Hamedan

City tour to see the most important Jewish shrine of Esther & Mordecai in Iran, the mausoleums of the philosopher/mathematician Ibn Sina (Avicenna), and Baba Taher, ancient city and ruins of Hegmatana (Ecbatana) and its museum and a christian church. Overnight Hamadan


Day 11: Shush

Drive to Shush en route visit the Sasanid falak-ol-aflak castle in Khoramabad. Overnight Shush


Day 12 : Ahvaz

Visit the world heritage site of Susa; Iran’s most ancient city (Iranian Mesopotamia), palaces of Darius the Great and Artaxerxes, the Jewish prophet Daniel’s shrine, then drive to UNESCO World Heritage site of Zigurat of Choghazanbil, and after that go to Shushtar to see world heritage Historical Hydraulic System from the Sassanian era with a complex irrigation system. Drive to Ahvaz. Overnight Ahvaz


Day 13: Shiraz

Drive to Shiraz on the way visit world heritage city of Bishabour the grand capital of the Sassanian kings, Shapour I. who defeated Romans. There you will see Palace of Shapour, Anahita’s Temple and six large bas-reliefs commemorating Shapour’s investiture and victory over Roman invaders. Overnight Shiraz


Day 14: Shiraz

City tour of Shiraz to visit world heritage Eram Garden, Nasiro- Molk Mosque, Narenjestan palace& museum, tomb of great Persian poet Hafez , then in the afternoon visit Vakil complex (Bazaar, Citadel and Bath) and the Shrine of Shah-Cheragh. Overnight Shiraz


Day 15:  Persepolis-Pasargad

Full day excursion to the UNESCO world heritage of Persepolis, Pasargad and Naghsh-e-Rostam (Necropolis) the rock reliefs and tombs of four of the Achemenid kings. Overnight Shiraz


Day 16: Kerman

Drive to Kerman, on the way visit the word heritage Sasan palace from 5century AD in Sarvestan. (571km) Overnight Kerman


Day 17: Mahan-Rayen-Shahdad

An excursions to Mahan to visit the Prince Garden another UNESCO Persian garden, afterwards go to Rayen to visit Rayen citadel (a citadel like Bam citadel) from sassanid period 224-651 AD. , and then head to the UNESCO Shahdad desert with amazing sand dunes. Overnight Kerman


Day 18:  Zeinodin Caravanserai

Half day visit of Kerman to see the Ganj-Ali Khan Complex (bath, caravanserai and bazaar) then drive to Yazd, en-route visit the Pistachio gardens in Rafsanjan. Overnight Zeinodin Caravanserai


Day 19: Yazd

Drive to Yazd to visit the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Fire Temple, henna pounding workshop, visit local famous Jame Mosque and the UNESCO world heritage old town, then Amirchakhmaq square and traditional Iranian gym. Overnight Yazd


Day 20: Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan while visiting an old castle, Caravanserai, Ceramic and pottery workshops in Meybod and old cloak weaving workshops and one of the oldest congregational mosques in Naien. Overnight Isfahan


Day 21: Isfahan

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Royal (Naghshe Jahan Square): the second biggest square in the world including (Ali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque, Bazaar) and the visit Chehel sotun palace (40 pillars), hasht behesht garden and the world heritage congregational Mosque. Overnight Isfahan


Day 22: Abyaneh –Kashan- Tehran

After visiting Abyaneh village (with its intact architecture, old houses and wooden doors and meeting people with traditional and colorful costumes) , go to Kashan to see Fin Garden, Agha Bozorg Mosque & School and historical houses of Tabatabaie and Broojerdi.

Then you will be Transfered to Tehran Intl. IKA airport for your return flight.




Tour services Include

Meals: breakfasts

Accommodation: 3-4 star hotels

Transportation based on your request

Invitation letter for Iran visa (Iran visa Authorization Number)

English speaking guide (driver guide) for whole the trip

Suitable AC vehicle for whole the trip

Bottled water per day

Domestic flight


Tour services Exclude

International flights

Visa Stamp Fee

Lunch and dinner

Entrance fees

Tips and Personal expenses


Tour Price