Experience hospitable Iranians with friendly faces, ancient History and Timeless charms!



Iran Silk Road Tour-10days

Tour Iran on Silk Road to experience visiting Iran as a principal part of this ancient road, and also to see different landscapes of desert, mountain, steppe, and mysterious ancient and modern cities that are home to one of the most hospitable people in the world! And visit lots of amazing places from thousans of years ago!




Departure: Upon Request

Best Time: All Year Around

Highlights: Mashad-Neyshabur-Damghan-Tehran (Rey)-Qazvin-Zanjan-Ardebil-Sarein-Tabriz



Detailed itinerary

Mashad-Neyshabur-Damghan-Tehran (Rey)-Qazvin-Zanjan-Ardebil-Sarein-Tabriz


Day 01: Arriving Mashhad/visiting Mashad

An excursion to Tus to visit tomb of Ferdowsi a highly revered Persian poet and the author of the epic of Shahnameh (the Persian “Book of Kings”), Harouniyeh and then drive back to Mashad to visit tomb of King Nader (Nader Shah), the shrine of the eight Imam Reza, its museums and reza bazaar. Overnight in Mashad


Day 02: Neishabour

Visit shrine of the eight Imam Reza and then drive to Neishabour to visit the tombs of Khayyam; a Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, poet and scientists of the middle ages who wrote numerous treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy and astronomy. And Attar a Persian poet, theoretician of Sufism, and hagiographer and the famous painter Kamal-ol-molk. Overnight in Neishabour


Day 03: Damghan

Drive to Damghan to visit Tarikkhaneh that is the oldest mosque of Iran, the ancient city of Hecatompylos, Tappehhessar, PirAlamdar shrine, spring of Cheshme Ali and the Chehel Dokhtaran tower and on the way in Shahrud visit the Amirieh Bath from Qajar era. Overnight Damghan


Day 04: Damghan

Drive to Tehran, on the way visit Semnan entrance gate, Deh Namak caravansary in Garmsar. Overnight Tehran


Day 05: Tehran

Full day city tour of Tehran to visit Archeological museum and National Jewels Museum, carpet museum, the Golestan palace and the traditional bazaar of Tehran. Overnight Tehran


Day 06: Qazvin

Drive to Qazvin (Persian capital from 1524-76) and visit the Chehelsotoun and Aliqapu palace, Chaharnabi shrine and traditional bazaar. Overnight Qazvin


Day 07:  Zanjan

Drive to Zanjan and on the way visit the huge world heritage Soltaniye complex with the third biggest dome in the world from 13 century. Overnight Zanjan


Day 08:  Sarein

Drive to Sarein to Relax and enjoy the natural spas and on the way visit the world heritage Complex of Sheikh Safi- eddin Ardebili. Overnight Sarein


Day 09: Tabriz

Drive to Tabriz and visit Azerbyejan museum, Kabood (blue) mosque and traditional old world heritage bazaar of Tabriz and Elgoli Park. Overnight Tabriz


Day 10:  Tabriz

In the morning drive to the border city of Jolfa where Aras River is located and visit world heritage Saint Stepanos and Choupan churches and then eat lunch in Jolfa. Overnight Tabriz

The arrival and departure flights can be from the international airports of Tabriz, Tehran and Mashhad.



Tour services Include

Meals: breakfasts

Accommodation: 3-4 star hotels

Transportation based on your request

Invitation letter for Iran visa (Iran visa Authorization Number)

English speaking guide (driver guide) for whole the trip

Suitable AC vehicle for whole the trip

Bottled water per day

Domestic flight


Tour services Exclude

International flights

Visa Stamp Fee

Lunch and dinner

Entrance fees

Tips and Personal expenses


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