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There is a wide range of choices of Iran hotels, ranging from small inns or guest houses and traditional houses to luxurious rooms in 5 star hotels, but it’s almost safe to say that there are no hostels in Iran. Other options for accommodation such as renting a house or home stay are not encouraged in Iran either.

Although Iran hotels follow the international star rating for hotels, but you may be disappointed if you expect high international standards. It’s not usual to hear that a stay in 4 star hotels was more like a 3 star hotel. On matters relating to sanitation you can be sure that the highest standard is the routine.

Inns are the 1 or 2 star accommodations that offer cheap rooms. In these lodgings every guest usually has one bed and shares her/his room with some other people. Of course, you can also find rooms with one bed or two beds in some inns. These places are usually quiet and with few guests; therefore, if you choose a shared room, it is more likely to be empty. Bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are often outside the rooms and they are shared. Rooms are usually equipped with air conditioner, refrigerator, phone and television (domestic TV channels only).

Most foreign travelers find Iranian 3 or 4 star hotels appropriate to stay in. In these hotels, rooms have their own bathrooms, toilets and some other amenities like shampoo, soap, hair drier, etc.  Refrigerator, phone and TV are often placed inside the room. These accommodations have no place for cooking but have some restaurants for serving food.

Many of these hotels, especially 4 star hotels, also have fast food restaurants and coffee shops. Some of 4 star hotels in major cities enjoy other amenities such as pool, sauna, fitness equipment, Wi-Fi, taxi service, conference hall, internet cafe, laundry, massage parlor.

5 star hotels may be partially different from 4 star hotels with respect to number of rooms, quality of and variety of services.  But note that the accommodation rating and standards in Iran are not consistent and it is possible that the quality of a 3 star hotel in a particular city is higher than a 4 star hotel in another city. The costs of 5 star and 4 star hotels is relatively high for Iranians but it is suitable for the travellers from western or other countries with strong currency.

There are some other kinds of lodgings in Iran. In some regions, some locals rent their houses or dedicate some parts of them to domestic and foreign guests. In recent years, the number of apartment hotels and Eco lodges has also increased. You can find Eco lodges in natural areas and enjoy the pristine local nature.

Most Iran hotels staff is very welcoming and helpful; you will usually not encounter communication problems in English language. If you encounter a problem, hotel staff will usually do their best to help you out.


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